Challenging Conventional Thinking...

Do you see a tree? You do...Congrats, you are most certainly correct. Besides being easy on the eyes; the folks within Hyprum view this tree as their own personal jungle gym that allows us to climb high and go out on the limb. If you're a dreamer and have aspirations bigger than life itself; may we be first to officially welcome you to Hyprum.

Now let’s set the stage. You're sitting around a campfire drinking an adult beverage with a group of friends. As the night goes on, you start discussing why the water in a toilet bowl flushes one way versus another (or) how fast the blades on a wind turbine rotate in regards to miles per hour. Geeky or strange conversation aside; at some point someone always manages to present a question that your smart phones are unable to answer.

Being a bunch of regular old Joe’s and Jane’s ourselves; we aim to provide solutions that address some of our own campfire ideas. At the end of the day, we aim to answer the questions that we presented as well as inspire you to do the same.

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